SEPTEMBER 9 through OCTOBER 23, 2005
The World is Your Oyster And You Are The Pearl
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"FORTUNA" is a conceptual piece with objects and performance.
With great optimism and humor, this work explores the human thirst for comfort and peace of mind. Since the Dawn of Man, our irrational and fevered fear of the unknown has created gods, devils and prophets in order to maintain order, structure and power. Though it may light a candle to the many hypocrisies of religion, FORTUNA offers a new, exciting and highly rational system of belief.

Celebrating its tenth year, Sala Diaz is proud to present the San Antonio debut of artist GORDY GRUNDY with his new work, FORTUNA on Saturday September 10th. A graduate of the University of Southern California, he addresses the highly topical issue of religion throughout mankind. This heavy and dire subject matter is treated with an all-American, albeit So Cal, style.

FORTUNA unveils the philosophical meaning and social structure of America's newest religion, the Fellowship of Fortuna. The show, which displays objects, etchings, paintings and prints, is centered around an elaborate website FORTUNA provides the answer to the great questions that have plagued man throughout the centuries 'Does God exist?' and 'What is the meaning of Life?'

As a design and cultural icon FORTUNA nods to the work of SHEP FAIREY and his OBEY campaign. JEAN BEAUDRILLARD and his writings on philosophy and chance are woven throughout the Fellowship. Most importantly, UMBERTO ECO figures prominently with his notion of the hyper real and our preference for a re-creation; FORTUNA is a HyperReality.

GORDY GRUNDY is a Los Angeles based artist who works within a philosophical context. As a painter, his work is meditative, yet this show brings new mediums into play. His art world humor column GENUFLECT has appeared in the Coagula Art Journal since 1996.

See the show! Click Here